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Wind – Ingeteam will present its wind energy technologies at WindEurope Electric City 2021

For the Ingeteam Group, this means providing increasingly competitive technological solutions for renewable energies and electrification.

“An efficient combination of energy conversion technology, power electronics platforms and electric generators can reduce the discounted cost of energy (LCoE) and increase the annual electricity production (AEP) from renewable energy sources. ” Explained Alberto Barcia, Commercial Director, Ingeteam Wind Energy.

“With a team of high-level specialists from Ingeteam and Indar, we will be showcasing our latest wind products, technologies and services as well as control, monitoring and SCADA systems. We look forward to seeing you at booth D-C20, as well as for technical sessions and poster presentations.

Products to be showcased include the company’s latest generation of high power DFIG converters. in the range of 6 to 8 MW. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, these state-of-the-art converters comply with the strictest international grid codes to facilitate the complete certification process of wind turbines.

INGESYS ™ Smart SCADA solutions will also be presented. INGESYS ™ has been shown to deliver significant cost savings, enhanced security and performance improvements for the integrated management of renewable energy production assets. From installing new construction projects to optimizing aging assets, a central platform enables clients to monitor daily operations, optimize performance, and solve complex operational challenges.

Also in the O&M area, the company will also present INGEPREDICT, a single platform offering comprehensive predictive maintenance, which integrates monitoring and diagnostic software, predictive maintenance services and tower repair services. INGEPREDICT facilitates the early detection of factors leading to underperformance or unplanned downtime, improving efficiency and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Indar, an Ingeteam company, will present a wide range of wind turbines, manufactured in different topologies (DFIG, IG and PMG). Recognized leader in its segment, Indar has supplied around 23,000 wind turbines, for a worldwide installed capacity of 42 GW.

Alberto Barcia, Commercial Director, Ingeteam Wind Energy Converters & Controls, will chair the technical session “Increase production of onshore turbines” on Thursday 25 November at 9am. He will also present the poster PO057: Offshore Converters For 12.5-15MW FC Wind Turbines.

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