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What is Tinsel hair? We tried the fun glitter extensions

Gone are the days when we just wanted to mimic the flashy effect with our hair color – now we want real tinsel in our hair. Thanks to Emma May, master stylist and garland specialist at London’s Samantha Cusick salon, real garland hair has become a reality for POPSUGAR UK social content producer Chloe Dunn.

Although this is a major moment right now, hair garlands are nothing new. (We can thank Beyoncé for introducing us to the magical concept in 2010 at the Grammys when she wore iridescent locks woven into her honey-colored hair on the red carpet.) And just like most trends from the early years, flashy hair are coming back, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

What is Tinsel hair?

Foil hair is exactly as the name suggests: tiny strands of tinsel attached to strands of hair to add a subtle shine. Tinsel is a great way to experiment with your hair without any major or permanent changes (like a big color transformation). There are a variety of colors to choose from including black, silver, pink, rose gold, gold, blue, purple, and multi-colored.

What is the process of obtaining Tinsel hair?

The process of getting wreath hair is similar to micro ring extensions. After the hair is washed and blow-dried, strands of garlands (each are two pieces of garland and are folded back to make it look like four pieces) are attached to very small sections of hair at the roots using secure micro-rings. “We tie the rings a few inches below the separation to keep the [rings] low-key, ”said May.“ The result is fine hair-like sparkles that sparkle through the mid-lengths to the ends. “

Dunn has about 12 strands in her hair with three different colors (rose, rose gold, and gold) which were recommended based on her natural auburn hue. It took about 15 minutes to apply and was “straightforward, painless and easy,” she said.

Who can have flashy hair?

Any hair type and texture can try out wreath hair due to the process of applying micro rings. May explained that garlands blend a little less perfectly for more curly hair types, but “garlands can be easily incorporated into braids, cornrows and braids for a sparkly look.”

What is the aftercare for Tinsel hair?

Since the garlands in the hair are secure, you can wash and condition your hair as usual, taking care to gently massage your roots around the rings with shampoo is encouraged. When it comes to styling, the foil can withstand around 200 degrees of heat, making it safe to style with a hair dryer or straightener as usual. If you are unsure of a certain type of style, you can simply ask your hairstylist for advice.

How long does Tinsel’s hair last?

May recommends that her clients wear the foil for a maximum of six to eight weeks. This is due to the nature of the application, which just like extensions can damage the strands of hair attached to the foil if left on for much longer. As with most things when it comes to hair, the more care you take with garlands, the longer they will last.

“All clients are welcome for a pick-up-only appointment, which takes no more than 15 minutes, unless you want to reapply, of course,” said May.

How much does Tinsel hair cost?

Prices vary from show to show and depending on your location. At Samantha Cusick, for example, the tinsel is an add-on service that can be applied to any salon service with prices starting at £ 42 (around $ 49 USD). The salon also offers a shimmering blow-dry, which includes wash, cut, blow-dry and garlands at prices starting at £ 72 ($ 83).

Final thoughts on flashy hair

If she were to get it again, Dunn would definitely get more wicks added to make the garland stand out more. “If you do hair in a garland, go big or go home, right?” ” she said. Although starting with fewer strands was a great way to test garland waters. Dunn also noted that the foil is not biodegradable or environmentally friendly, so she would definitely ask if they could reuse the same strands if she had to do it again.

Of course, that’s a little extra effort when it comes to taking care of the garland and micro rings. And it’s certainly a luxury at around $ 50 a piece, but it’s well worth it. Why do you ask? “It makes me smile when I catch myself in the mirror because… I have glitter in my hair,” she said. Overall, the flashy hair has been a huge hit and something Dunn would definitely do for special occasions again.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Chloe Dunn

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