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The Cobalt Night: La Prairie celebrates Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil with VIP event in Macau

Immersive and multisensory: the VIP event combined light, sound and physical space to bring the Cobalt Night experience to life

CHINA (MACAO). The prestigious Swiss skin care house La Prairie celebrated its Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil innovation with a special VIP event during Golden Week (October 1-7) in Macau. The Cobalt Night experience took place at the Grand Hyatt Macau and took 300 guests on a multisensory journey into the universe of The Cobalt Night, featuring La Prairie’s collaboration with the French digital artist Maotik.

Cobalt blue, a color that has an important resonance for La Prairie, was the main theme of the event. At the VIP event, La Prairie presented ‘Sense of Blue’, a multisensory art installation created by French digital artist Maotik that brings cobalt blue to life through light, space and sound.

The Cobalt Night: The VIP event, which took place October 1-7, hosted 300 guests who had a sensory experience of product discovery with live music and special cocktails

VIP guests were able to experience the art installation “Sense of Blue” by Maotik, which premiered at Art Basel

Sense of Blue debuted at the 2021 edition of the Art Basel art fair in Basel, Switzerland. The immersive installation progressively plunges the audience into darkness using motion sensors, video projections and hidden digital algorithms. The installation marries a mysterious minimal aesthetic with a technical sophistication that allows viewers to use movement to shape their surroundings through shifting light facets.

The event also featured a product sensory experience and a product discovery area, where guests were able to experience Skin Caviar Night Oil while listening to music played by a live DJ, sipping cocktails on the theme of cobalt blue and tasting caviar canapes, a playful homage to La Prairie’s signature ingredient.

DJ sings VIP guests with live tunes at Grand Hyatt Macau

Maotik, born Mathieu Le Sourd, is a leading figure in the world of digital art and a specialist in the creation of interactive environments. His approach to science and art resonates strongly with core La Prairie ethics, with Sense of Blue putting the night and the “elusive power of caviar” center stage.

Skin Caviar Night Oil, infused with Caviar Retinol, has been designed to maximize the skin’s natural circadian rhythms. The liquid counteracts the aging effects of prolonged nighttime water loss by creating a temporary oil barrier that retains moisture in the skin.

In addition, the powerful formula reduces fine lines and wrinkles, visibly smoothes the skin surface and restores firmness by redensifying the skin.

Harness the elusive power of caviar: Skin Caviar Night Oil contains a blend of caviar lipids and caviar retinol for maximum wrinkle smoothing at night

It has also been infused with La Prairie Exclusive Cellular Complex, which marks the very first time that the complex has been incorporated into an oil-based product.

The resort was inspired by the pioneering work of La Prairie founder Dr. Paul Niehan on skin rejuvenation at Clinique La Prairie. It has been proven to visibly refresh the complexion by restoring life and energy to the skin.

Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil is a revolutionary new skincare innovation that works with the skin’s natural circadian rhythm to provide wrinkle-smoothing efficacy

The VIP Cobalt Night event took place during the peak Golden Week holiday season (October 1-7) at the Grand Hyatt Macau

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