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Teen mum Kailyn Lowry shares cryptic quote on ‘making mistakes’ amid nasty feud with baby daddy Chris Lopez

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry shared a cryptic post about ‘making mistakes’ as her feud continues with her baby’s father, Chris Lopez.

The reality TV star shares her two youngest children, sons Lux, four, and Creed, one with ex Chris.


Teen mom Kailyn Lowry slammed her ex Chris Lopez, accusing her of partying instead of paying their son’s medical billsCredit: Instagram
Chris was recently parting ways in Miami while his son Creed saw a specialist for his bow legs


Chris was recently parting ways in Miami while his son Creed saw a specialist for his bow legs

Kailyn posted a daily claim on her Instagram Stories on Friday that seemed to resonate with the star.

The message read: “I am allowed to love myself and to continue working on myself and making changes in my life. It is good to show myself love even when I am not where I am. want to be in life.

“I have a long journey ahead of me, and I will love myself every step of the way. I accept that I am human and I understand that I will make mistakes. I am worthy of love regardless of my shortcomings.”

The post comes as the Teen Mom 2 star fights an uphill battle with her son’s father, accusing him of neglecting their child’s medical bills.

Kailyn previously revealed that her youngest son Creed was “very arched” and had seen a medical specialist to help him walk.

The mother-of-four lashed out at her baby daddy – who appeared to be on vacation in Florida with friends – in a lengthy rant on her Instagram Story on Monday.

The TV personality accused her ex of partying in Miami instead of paying Creed’s medical bills.

He hit back at the claims, denying that there was any truth to it.

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Chris said on his PTSD podcast, “If you want to tell a story, tell the whole story. You can’t tell a story and only tell the part that makes the other person bad. Say it all.

He said it shouldn’t be “one-sided” and that Kailyn hasn’t told her fans that Chris has “insurance for [his] children who [he] spoke to him and [she] denied when [he] offered to help.

Continuing, he said, “You can’t go to this internet and do all of this when I offer to help you.

“I don’t see why I need to shell out when I have something that I don’t need to shell out for.

“I am tired of the drama.”


During Kailyn’s rant earlier this week, she shot Chris saying, “You should take care of your financial obligations to your kids before you go on a trip to Miami.

“You must respond to text messages about unpaid medical bills, you must respond to anything your child might need before you leave.”

The 29-year-old continued: “Just because I have it financially doesn’t mean I should be responsible on my own.

“So as a parent, if you are planning on going out, make sure your kids are taken care of first.”

The MTV star then shared screenshots of the alleged cash requests she sent Chris for Creed’s medical care.

One was a $ 50 cash request titled “Creed doctor and chest x-rays” from September 30, which was apparently denied.

Kailyn then shared a screenshot of the app that read, “Lopez has rejected too many previous requests. Have them send you money instead.”

She continued to share receipts from her side of the story, posting a text exchange apparently between herself and Chris in which she asked him to pay the bills.

In a conversation, she wrote, “I already pay $ 600 each for health insurance. Please send the balances.

“They said you can call directly to pay over the phone.”

She texted again, writing, “Track children’s medical bills.”


Kailyn confessed to her son’s health issues when she shared a video of Creed walking down a hallway at his dream Delaware mansion.

One fan asked, “Is there a reason the baby’s legs seem so far apart?

The star replied, “He’s bow-legged. Lux was too, but grew from it.

“Creed is seeing an orthopedic specialist to keep an eye on them, but he will most likely come out.”

This isn’t the first time the Teen Mom 2 star has struggled with Creed’s health issues.

Earlier this year, she admitted to suffering from “senseless stockings” because the baby was not sleeping or eating properly due to the tied tongue.

After revealing that she was “very tired,” Kailyn told a producer on Teen Mom 2, “It’s tough baby. That’s what I should have called it.

” He is not sleeping. He just cries if he’s awake so that I’m easily frustrated. He eats well, but his tongue is attached, so it is very difficult to latch on to the nipple.

Later in the episode, Kailyn said in her confessional, “I’m very tired, Creed is just tough all around.

“It’s been hard because he’s not sleeping. Acid reflux, Colic, brand new. I have three other children and I don’t think they slept as badly as Creed.

“Creed wakes up 4 to 5 times a night, I’m just tired. More tired than I have been with my other children.

Kailyn is also a mom to 11-year-old Isaac with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera and seven-year-old Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

Kailyn shared a quote on her Instagram that she seemed to resonate with


Kailyn shared a quote on her Instagram that she seemed to resonate with
Kailyn shares her two youngest sons with Chris


Kailyn shares her two youngest sons with ChrisCredit: Social networks – Refer to source
She previously said Creed was a difficult baby, more so than her other children.


She previously said Creed was a difficult baby, more so than her other children.
Teenage mother Kailyn Lowry shares fears for her 1-year-old son Creed as he is ‘very arched’ and sees a specialist to help him walk

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