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Safety First with Industry Leaders, Innovators and Pioneers

On 25 and 26 May 2022, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Center will host Australia’s biggest and brightest minds in health and safety for the Workplace Health & Safety Show 2022.

A can’t-miss FREE event bringing together like-minded makers, organizations and businesses that to acknowledge and valuing the importance of occupational health and safety, the show will collectively pool and share innovations in technology, knowledge and safety protocols.

Marie Kinsella, CEO of the International Exhibition and Conference Group, the specialist company behind the event, is thrilled to bring together an incredible variety of security innovators under one roof.

“The Occupational Health and Safety Show is a great opportunity to share the latest safety equipment and technology and connect with like-minded people from a wide range of industries,” Kinsella said.

Kinsella reminds us that industries like manufacturing rely heavily on fluid safety practices, and keeping up to date is one of the best ways to stay on top of your game.


“It’s no secret that good security practices are one of the cornerstones of a successful business, so it’s vital for businesses to stay informed,” Kinsella said. “This year’s show showcases cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing the way we monitor, avoid, report and assess security risks.”

With more than 100 exhibitors, the Occupational Health and Safety Fairbrought together the greatest innovators in security technology, including, the ultimate all-in-one WHS management system Skytrust who will be on hand to walk visitors through how their cloud-based integrated management system can help provide a holistic integrated management approach to compliance and due diligence across all aspects of the business.

Other groundbreaking exhibitors featured in the show include integrated safety and security management platform nogginfatigue management technology company Alert for work and pioneers of wearable technology Reactec and Prevention.

One aspect that sets the Occupational Health and Safety Fair apart from others is the the opportunity to hear from industry leaders in a more personalized and interactive environment through a series of free training and conferences. Engaging discussions and interactive forums, led by the best in the industry, will shed light on everything from workplace mental health, to evolving safety regulations, and helpful processes for managing a range of issues. workplace safety.

Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) is a serious and urgent problem in Australia. Despite its prevalence, few employers understand why DFV is a problem in the workplace or understand their role as part of the solution. In his speech, Anton Zytnik, Head of Health, Safety and Welfare for the Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will help equip senior executives, managers and HR professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage DFV in your workplace.

For too long, society has avoided open discussions about mental health. But after two years of pandemic disruptions, that attitude is rapidly changing. At WHSS 2022, mental health lifesaver Carli Phillips will provide the public with a simple and easy-to-follow corporate wellness checklist, tips for making your program super effective, and action plans with ideas for a timeline. wellness to ensure a mentally healthy workplace.

Mark Alexander, an expert physiotherapist who has treated Olympians, presents a practical guide to preventing work-related back pain. The lifetime prevalence of low back pain (LBP) would be 75 to 84% of the general population. With COVID-19 pushing many people to work from home in unsuitable setups like the dining room table, the pandemic has led to an epidemic of low back pain. Mark’s presentation will help managers understand why employees can suffer from work-related back pain and give them practical strategies to prevent and manage the problem.

Connect, collaborate and innovate with safety colleagues from all corners of the industry at the Melbourne Occupational Health and Safety Show in May. The events and opportunities program offers professionals the opportunity to meet new suppliers, update their knowledge, exchange ideas and build relationships.

Participation in the Occupational Health and Safety Fair is FREE. Register online now to secure your place

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