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Pueblo Community College Praise, Hinrichsen

Praise for Pueblo Community College

I was fortunate to be the science lab coordinator at Pueblo Community College for 20 years. Not only was the job fun and fascinating, but PCC specializes in supporting the growth of people, including staff members. While I was there, I took two English courses, which allowed me to become a freelance travel writer on the side. This led him to write three novels and teach creative writing on cruise ships. It’s amazing how much difference mentoring can make in a person’s life.

I’m retired now, but returned to CCP last month in hopes of getting help launching my mystery novel, “Mile High Lab Rat.” PCC’s labs inspired the story with their interesting, fun, and scary possibilities, especially the secret passages between labs. So I was thrilled when Science Department Chairman Nick Alfonso welcomed my idea of ​​offering lab tours for book launch party guests. The current lab coordinator, Lindsey Jaquez, was also invaluable in lending us photo props and chemistry kits for kids to explore.

For the actual party, President Erjavec allowed us to use the beautiful dining hall at PCC’s Pueblo Joe. Events specialist Jill Young pulled out all the stops to make the party a huge success. Erin Hergert in marketing and Amy Matthew in public relations also helped spread the word.

Security officer Laurie Plutt drove a disabled guest in a buggy to the university building for the tour. Library director Christina McGrath purchased two of my books for inclusion on her PCC author’s shelf, and Willetta Bradburn in the bookstore set up a display to sell “Mile High Lab Rat” on campus. Many thanks to all of them and to Toni Skilling in Student Life and Leadership who recruited four volunteers to help.

Everyone I have dealt with or even spoken to at CCP has been especially kind and helpful. I don’t know how PCC managed to cultivate such a positive attitude at all levels, but I hope they also offer courses to teach the secret to other organizations.

Ann Payton Williams, West Pueblo

In support of Nick Hinrichsen

I read your follow-up to the council debate on Senator Nick Hinrichsen. While Nick Hinrichsen was not my choice as a state senator to replace Leroy Garcia, he was ultimately the top Democratic pick. More importantly, he’s been doing a great job in his short time in Denver. I evaluate politicians on what they do, not on what they say.

Alvin Rivera, Pueblo

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