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Novakovich is leaving Visit Tri-Cities, where is he going?

One of our region’s most notable business leaders and forward-thinking directors is moving. (image courtesy of the Tri-City Area Journal of Business)

Michael Novakovich goes to Columbia Industries

In a letter published Friday, May 6, Novakovich announced that effective July 1, he will be stepping down from his leadership role at Visit Tri-Cities and taking over as CEO of Columbia Industries.

His letter said in part:

“I would like to inform you that I am resigning as President and CEO of Visit Tri-Cities effective July 1, 2022. I have been offered and have accepted the position of CEO of Columbia Industries .”

He also thanked Visit TC in his letter:

“I would like to thank you, the Board of Visit Tri-Cities, for the support I have received over the past four years and the opportunities that have been afforded to me.”

Novakovich led the Business Tourism Development Group through the difficult times of COVID, and under his leadership the group won three major awards for its work.

Prior to visiting TC, he led some of the more successful growth and expansion of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center.

Novakovich will lead Columbia Industries

Columbia Industries has become one of the leading industries for job training, employment, and opportunity in the entire west. They offer training for people with special needs, development and support programs, and a variety of popular business services, including CI Shred – the well-known document shredding and security company.

He will be the “permanent” replacement for interim CEO Eric Van Winkle, who took over from former CEO Brian McDermott. The company employs some 240 people in various functions.

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