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No-Dig Down Under offers a three-part conference program

No-Dig Down Under will offer a three-part conference program, covering rehabilitation, installation and assessment of the condition and location of utilities when it takes place in March.

The 2022 No-Dig Down Under The conference is expected to have a three-part conference program, making it a must-have for industry professionals.

The three-part program includes rehabilitation, facility and condition assessment and location of utilities.

Each component will have separate events aligned with the themes, such as a demonstration of the renewal of the Mountain Highway AC water main for the rehabilitation component.

The installation stream will feature events, including Botharcanopy tube innovation and City rail link project.

Events such as artificial intelligence fault detection and condition assessment for utility condition assessment and location flow will also be ongoing.

Despite this, the three streams will come together for events such as the Roundtable, ASTT Gala Dinner and Awards Night and Networking Reception on a Captain Cook Cruise.

It comes after No-Dig 2022 was sold out, despite the conference and exhibit being postponed due to COVID-19.

Organizers expect this to be the biggest No-Dig Down Under in the history of the event.

The conference is organized in partnership with integrated marketer Prime Creative Media and the Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT).

It is the largest conference and exhibition in the southern hemisphere devoted to trenchless technology.

No-Dig 2022 will be held at the Sydney International Convention Center from March 8-11, 2022.

For more information visit the No-Dig Down Under Website.

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