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NIU alumnus podcast looks at mental health and neurodivergency

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DeKALB – NIU alumnus Pen Novus and Harvey Green, graduate in psychology and women, gender and sexuality studies, shine the spotlight on mental health and neurodivergency with topics such as therapy, drugs, l intersectionality and more in their new podcast titled “Beyond Introspection”.

Novus, who majored in communications and currently works as a tech office and studio specialist at DeKalb Public Library, wanted to create a podcast for a while, and the couple have always had conversations about mental health. . Novus wanted these ideas and conversations to be heard on the podcast.

“I wanted to do something that had to do with identity,” Novus said. “I had been doing a lot of activism with homosexuality, and I was sort of exhausted, so I wanted to do something a little different. I read some really good writing by Rémi Yergeau on rhetoric and autism, and it was the first time I discovered the concept of being proud of neurodivergency.

The “Beyond Introspection” podcast is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast streaming platforms. Since the podcast is more conversational between Novus and Green, there isn’t much interaction with the audience.

“I always knew I was different from other people in a way I didn’t know how to describe,” Green said. “It was a very lonely experience, and so I hope through everyone we reach. If I can make a person feel less alone in their experiences, that will have been enough. ”

Both podcast hosts love to discuss these topics and educate the audience about them. When there is new information about mental health, they want to mention it in the podcast to let people know because there is a lot of stigma associated with mental health and neurodivergency, Novus said. Novus and Green’s discussions can help the audience open their minds to the diversity of the human brain that is considered to be abnormal.

From there, the two plan to continue their conversations on the podcast and are ready to engage more with the audience.

Pen Novus and Harvey Green’s “Beyond Introspection” can be found on various podcast streaming platforms as well as their Twitter and Instagram usernames, @byndpodcast. For more information, visit “Beyond introspection. “

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