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Kobial begins his journey with the first production “Shukh”

With the aim of guiding the new generation in building community harmony, Kobial Trust was formed by a group of cultural figures from the country.

Under their Kobial Theater banner, they opened their first theatrical production “Shukh” on October 21 at the Experimental Theater of the Shilpakala Academy in Bangladesh.

Dr AKM Yusuf Hassan, better known as Yusuf Hassan Arko, is a writer, director and professor in the Department of Drama and Drama at Jahangirnagar University. He is also a member of the popular Nattyakendra Theater Troupe.

“We formed Kobial Trust, working with like-minded people,” he shares. “However, we plan to do our theater projects under the Kobial banner in a professional manner.”

Arko is the chairman of Kobial Trust, and also the director of the play “Shukh”. It is an adaptation of “Marital Bliss” by Abdel Momein Selim. The play was adapted by acclaimed theater, television and film actor Tariq Anam Khan.

Their 3rd and 4th productions will take place tomorrow (Sunday) at the Nilima Ibrahim Auditorium, Bailey Road.

Sponsored by Elite Highech Industries Ltd, the drama’s script portrays the witty relationship between a married couple, who often joke due to their differences in likes and dislikes.

Professors and students from the Drama and Drama Department of Jahangirnagar University performed in the play.

“Our goal is to create a culturally engaged platform that inspires young people to get involved in the creative arts,” explains Arko.

At the same time, he also insisted on the ongoing community attacks. “The reason we are dealing with community hatred so far is because we are culturally ignorant,” he adds.

An image of the play ‘Shukh’


An image of the play ‘Shukh’

Kobial Trust intends to build a performative art school, library and theater studio under one single complex. They plan to start its construction by the end of this year.

“We must remember that above all, we are humans, this must be our primary identity. We hope to focus and eradicate these cultural nuisances, through our cultural projects,” he says.

He informs that trust is open to everyone, that anyone can come forward and be a part of it.

The other trustees are actor Mosharraf Karim, actor and filmmaker Fazlul Tuhin, Dr Rubayat Ahmed (teacher), Habib Masud (teacher), Dr Zannat Ara (doctor), Rafayet Ara (social activist), Naimul Bashar and engineer Noor e Alam.

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