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Jeddah Season helps provide job opportunities for Saudi youth

Jeddah: Since the launch of its activities, Jeddah Season has contributed to accelerating the economic growth of private sector companies given the various investment opportunities that the season has provided, with the diversity and comprehensiveness of its activities, as well as the contribution of the season to the offer of job opportunities. for Saudi men and women.

Specialists confirmed that the Jeddah season demonstrated the potential of Saudi companies to manage, operate and implement mega entertainment projects in record time, adding that the season brought great economic and entertainment traffic which interacted along with various other areas that are positively influenced by everything. economic movement that the city is witnessing including the hospitality and retail, catering, aviation, transport, logistics, small and medium business sectors.

Business writer Haila Al-Mshooh said the Jeddah season has played a key role in boosting business activities and increasing investment in several entertainment activities, noting that the Jeddah season is an event that highlights highlights the leading role of the Kingdom in the entertainment industry, improves its tourism position, and achieves the objectives of Vision 2030 and that the event reflects the implementation of the quality of life program.

Al-Mshooh added that the transport, retail, catering and hospitality sectors are the most important sectors where the season has provided significant investment opportunities for domestic companies.

Tourism specialist, Thamer Al-Harbi, said the Jeddah season is a major exceptional event whose impact is reflected on the economic sector in general and the hotel and hospitality sector in particular, pointing out that the visitors of the various activities of the season, which exceed two million in the first month since its launch, represents a catalyst for the revival of the sector of hotels, restaurants, flight reservations, transport and many other sectors.

Al-Harbi explained that the season in Jeddah has helped create a great economic movement and improved the incomes of many young people and families in Saudi Arabia and obtained gratifying returns for businesses, stores, restaurants, gift shops, games, productive families and other sectors that participated. in the season, which meets the objectives of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to create a dynamic society, a prosperous economy and an ambitious nation, as well as transforming the Kingdom into one of the most important tourist and entertainment destinations in the region, and a home for international events and exhibitions that attract visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom.

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