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‘It was horrible’: Tim Paine’s wife reacts to shameful sexting scandal

Tim Paine has resigned as Australian test captain after it emerged he had been investigated by Cricket Australia following a sexting scandal. Video / ABC News

As Tim Paine tearfully renounced the Australian test captain following a sexting scandal on Friday, he made mention of the ones he had most disappointed.

“Although exonerated (by a Cricket Australia Integrity Unit investigation), I deeply regretted this incident then and still regret it today. I spoke to my wife and my family at the time and I am extremely grateful for their forgiveness and support, ”he said.

“We thought this incident was behind us and that I could focus entirely on the team, as I have been doing for the past three or four years. However, I recently realized that this private texting exchange was going to become public.

There are plenty of happy snaps of the pair on Bonnie's social media page.  Photo / Instagram
There are plenty of happy snaps of the pair on Bonnie’s social media page. Photo / Instagram

“I was fortunate to have a wonderful, loving and supportive family, and it breaks my heart to know how much I have let them down. They have always been by my side, have been my most loyal fans. , and I am indebted to them for their support. “

Paine’s wife Bonnie is stuck in the middle of this ugly episode, which has supported her man ever since she discovered the obscene messages the 36-year-old man sent to a former Cricket Tasmania employee on the eve of the Ashes 2017/18 series.

Bonnie responds to sexting scandal

In a lengthy exclusive interview with The Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Herald Sun, Bonnie opened up about how she forgave Paine for his indiscretion.

Paine told the publications “it’s really painful and upsetting, and I’m really embarrassed. I feel sick for Bonnie and for my family, more than anything else” while Bonnie said “it was horrible” when they have worked on the problem for three years. since.

“I have a little sympathy for Tim. A lot actually. He and I went through all of this in private in 2018,” she said.

“I feel a little frustrated that this was all brought up and released to the public when we put him to bed years ago. I’ve moved forward since then. injustice to be dragged away again. “

Bonnie said “I was shocked” to learn of the sexting scandal, adding, “I don’t pretend to be perfect, but I was still completely shaken up.”

Bonnie also emphasized the “need to forgive” in marriages.

How did Tim and Bonnie’s romance start?

A serious finger injury sustained in a T20 exhibition game at Gabba in 2010 derailed Paine’s career. Hit by left-arm quicker Dirk Nannes, the former Aussie captain’s number has never been the same and even now he has to hold the bat differently due to the damage from the blow.

Seven surgeries involving eight pins, a metal plate and a piece of hip bone that kept him from playing cricket for two years were the obvious downsides of the injury – but there was a silver lining.

During his time in cricket limbo, Paine traveled to Melbourne every few weeks to see a specialist – and it was during these trips that he formed a relationship with Bonnie, who worked in the Victorian capital as as a nurse. She returned to Tasmania to start a family with Paine, where she continued to work in nursing.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Bonnie graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from RMIT University between 2009 and 2011. She has been working as a cosmetic nurse since April 2019 and prior to that she worked as a nurse elsewhere in Hobart for almost five years.

Speaking to Weekend Australian Magazine as part of a detailed article on Paine last year, Bonnie said she “wasn’t so happy when he was picked for Australia” out of the blue for the Ashes 2017-18.

The play reminds Bonnie Googling of how long a test match lasts in her hotel room in Brisbane before the first game against England, as her lack of interest in cricket was.

Paine got married when messages were sent

When Paine texted the former Cricket Tasmania employee ahead of an ash test in Brisbane, he and Bonnie had been married for just over 18 months.

The couple, who both grew up in Tasmania, married in April 2016 at Home Hill Winery, Ranelagh, a 30-minute drive south of Hobart.

In front of a hundred friends and family, including other cricketers, Paine and Bonnie said “yes”.

In 2017, they welcomed their first child Milla to the world. She was only a few months old when the Ashes rolled in and Paine sent in his sext.

Tim Paine and his wife Bonnie are a glamorous Australian cricket couple.  Photo / Instagram
Tim Paine and his wife Bonnie are a glamorous Australian cricket couple. Photo / Instagram

The couple also have a two-year-old son, Charlie.

Bonnie in the spotlight after babysitting gag

Bonnie found herself in the spotlight when Paine was propelled to captain following the South Africa ballooning scandal in 2018.

It gained heightened attention when Paine was overheard on the strain’s microphone chatting with rival wicket keeper Rishabh Pant during the 2018-19 home test series against India.

Bonnie joined in the joke with Rishabh Pant.  Photo / Instagram
Bonnie joined in the joke with Rishabh Pant. Photo / Instagram

“Tell you what, the big MS (Dhoni) is also back in the squad for a day, we could bring him down to the (Hobart) Hurricanes this dude, we need a hitter,” Paine said. while Pant was in the fold.

“Fancy those pants, extend your little Australian vacation. Beautiful Hobart too. Treat yourself to a beautiful apartment by the water.

“Invite him to dinner. Can you babysit? (Can I) take the woman to the movies one night, can you take care of the kids? “

Bonnie had fun with the incident, later posting an Instagram photo of Pant, herself, Charlie and Milla with the caption: “Best babysitter.”

Social networks show a couple in love

Bonnie regularly posts happy snaps of Paine and the family on Instagram. Just days before the sexting scandal went public, she uploaded photos of the couple at an event, wearing a chic white dress and Paine in a suit and bow tie.

Last December, she posted a photo of the couple on Paine’s birthday, writing: “Happy birthday to TP ️ (I would write a heartfelt and heartfelt message but text her one instead) . We love you so much, and we are so proud of the man that you are. 36 years old has never looked so good. “

For Father’s Day this year Bonnie wrote, “We love you so much TP. Happy Father’s Day, legend.”

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