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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Specialist to Attend IMHX 2022

Intelligent Energy, a leading company in the development and manufacture of fuel cells, has been announced as one of the sponsors of the Sustainability Zone at IMHX 2022 – the flagship event for the UK material handling and logistics industry (NEC, Birmingham September 6-8).

The IMHX 2022 Sustainability Zone will provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about the technological developments, social issues and operational trends shaping today’s sustainable supply chains. Interactive augmented reality features will complement the physical displays to provide information on a host of adoptable sustainable initiatives.

Adam Keenan, Business Development Manager at Intelligent Energy, commented:

“Our participation in IMHX 2022 reflects Intelligent Energy’s commitment to positively impacting our customers’ business processes, society at large and the environment using cutting-edge, high-efficiency fuel cell technology. We’re really excited to introduce the new “H2 E-Pack” – a plug-and-play battery replacement that uses our latest IE-LIFT™ MHE fuel cell module at its heart.

British company Intelligent Energy has over 30 years of experience in developing zero-emission fuel cells that generate clean, quiet, efficient and zero-emission power for a wide range of applications, including material handling equipment.

Adam Keenan explains:

“Unlike batteries, which create electricity from the energy they have stored inside, fuel cells generate electricity from fuel supplied via an external tank. a battery will require a long recharge, a fuel cell will continue to produce electricity as long as the fuel is supplied.

With the H2 E-Pack, when the hydrogen in the built-in tank is low, you simply refill it in a unit similar to a forecourt gas pump. Filling a hydrogen tank usually only takes a few minutes, which is much faster than the few hours it takes to recharge a traditional lead-acid battery. This makes it an excellent power source for large fleets of forklifts operating in busy distribution and manufacturing centers, providing significant OEE improvements.

In addition to sponsoring the Sustainability Zone, Intelligent Energy and its partners will also have a visitor engagement space, booth 5C85, within the expo where experts will be on hand to discuss the practicalities of hydrogen for forklifts and other intralogistics equipment. Additionally, the company is hosting a hydrogen fuel technology panel at the Logistics Conference – an expert-led seminar program running throughout IMHX 2022.

IMHX 2022 Event Director Rob Fisher said:

“We are delighted that Intelligent Energy has chosen IMHX to showcase its capabilities and educate our visitors on the myriad benefits that hydrogen fuel cells have to offer. With sustainability being a priority for many companies, along with the push towards net zero carbon and an increased focus on the hydrogen economy, I’m sure visitor interest will be high.

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