Gaming and Metaverse Jobs startup raises $5.2 million

  • A startup that connects 3D game artists with jobs has just raised £4m ($5.2m).
  • GCHero has seen an “explosion in demand” due to increased interest in the metaverse.
  • Check out the 14-slide deck the company used to raise funds from transatlantic company Beringea.

A startup that connects 3D game artists with jobs has just raised £4m ($5.2m).

UK-based CGHero, a marketplace that connects businesses and brands with talent, will use the new funds to scale its platform as the metaverse increases demand for niche skills like VR specialists and hairstylists digital.

Artists register with CGHero, which was founded in 2017, as freelancers and are matched with suitable jobs, working on a project-to-project basis. Companies using the platform can choose to work directly with freelancers or outsource to a “studio”, which is a team of freelancers assembled and managed by CGhero.

The platform caters to over 60 industry-specific tasks, with hundreds of vetted freelancers available for each one. This includes texturing, where a realistic or stylized surface is added to a 3D model, rigging, which refers to adding bodily features such as bones and muscles to characters, and grooming hair or fur – all of which are important in making digital worlds look the right way. and feel.

“The scale and complexity of metaverse games and projects have grown at a staggering rate, driven by the demand for ever more realistic experiences that replicate our real world,” co-founder Jonathan Lloyd told Insider.

“This intersection of technical and artistic skills increasingly requires specialized individuals to deliver experiences ranging from simulating environments and weather systems to replicating materials such as clothing, even virtual grooming artists capable of produce hair and fur.”

Lloyd added that it’s common to hire multiple game studios at once, either for specialist teams or to “get through the crunch.”

The platform allows game or metaverse companies to scale virtual production teams up and down, reacting to project needs. “You only need people at a certain time; you have


of talent,” Lloyd said.

The company reported an “explosion in demand” for 3D content as interest in the Metaverse skyrocketed, boosted by Facebook’s rebranding to Meta. He has a list of clients including

epic games

SEGA, NHS, BBC, Valvoline, LG and Unilever.

It is also addressed to

distribution sector

. There’s a big opportunity here due to the current disconnect between online and offline experiences, Lloyd said. For example, discovering clothes in store or researching something online. “The Metaverse changes everything,” the co-founder added.

The cash injection will be used to increase the workforce from 17 to 35 over the next 12 months. It recruits in the fields of marketing, sales, development, products and operations.

Some 75% of its business comes from the United States and Canada, the company said. It is ramping up its efforts and plans to hire a remote US team this year and a physical office in 2023.

The round, which was led by Beringea, brings CGHero’s total to £5.2 million ($6.9 million), which includes an Epic Games MegaGrant it won last year.

Check out the 14-slide deck he used to raise the cool funds below.

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