Every Battlefield 2042 Specialist and their Abilities

Characters specializing in Battlefield 2042 have been a controversial change in the formula of the series, but they add a new variety to the gameplay. There are currently 10 specialists in 2042, and each has their own unique gadgets. Some specialists master a specific task, while others have a range of utility options, with different strategies possible for each.

DICE’s latest shooter decided to forgo the franchise’s usual class squads in exchange for a hero shooter-type system. Battlefield 2042 Specialists could use a few changes, but unless DICE overhauls the system, players will need to get used to the game as it is now. As it stands, there are hardly any restrictions on loadouts except for some items and weapons locked behind level progression. Any specialist can carry any weapon or item, the only difference between them being the character models and their special gadgets.


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Many have pointed the finger at specialists as an erosion of Battlefieldemphasis on team play. While this may be true to some extent regarding team synergy, there are also a few specialists whose abilities are only related to teamwork. The widespread chaos of All-Out Warfare can often make the player feel like a one-person army, but this effect is mitigated in Battlefield 2042 Breakthrough mode, which improves in Conquest, and demonstrates just how useful Specialists can be.

Battlefield 2042 Specialist Abilities – Angel Can Revive Teammates

Angle is a jack of all trades in 2042

Constantin “Angel” Anghel is a kind of jack of all trades. Battlefield 2042. Anyone can revive their teammates, but Angel is one of two specialists who can revive any teammate. Reviving someone as an Angel will only grant them 50 health, but will also grant them 20 armor. Small packs of armor and ammo can be tossed at friends, and calling its cargo crate will allow players to switch to another of their preset kits.

Boris’ turret is good at defending yourself in Battlefield 2042

Boris' turret makes him a good defender in 2042

When it comes to holding a zone, Piotr “Boris” Guskovsky excels. Its SG-36 Sentry System is an automatic turret that will engage enemies within range. Boris can be very useful when defending objectives, and is especially effective when standing near his turret, as he will spot and mark out any enemies he locks onto.

Casper is Battlefield 2042’s top Reconnaissance Specialist

Casper's drone is perfect for revealing enemy locations

Wikus “Casper” van Daele is perhaps the most competent recognition specialist in Battlefield 2042, using proximity sensors and drones to gain the upper hand over the enemy. His remote-controlled drone has good range, so the player can hide away and out of sight while spotting enemies for their teammates. It is also equipped with an EMP which can stun enemies and disable equipment or vehicles for a short time.

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However, Casper can also be effective at close range, as his motion sensor at the bottom of the screen turns red when enemies are nearby. This makes him one of the 2042 Most versatile specialists, as he is able to excel at great distances and up close, allowing players to take out enemies from afar like a sniper or interfere behind enemy lines.

Dozer is one of the most powerful offensive specialists in Battlefield 2042

Dozer's shield can help attackers push in 2042

With his SOB-8 ballistic shield, Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza is most useful to attacking teams. It is basically Battlefield 2042Riot shield class of, which can use its shield as simple protection, or as a ram when charging enemies. He can be useful for teams trying to break through a building full of enemies, as his shield will block incoming fire and provide cover for teammates stacked behind him.

Falck is the best medical specialist in Battlefield 2042

Falck is the 2042 character closest to a traditional Battlefield medic

Maria Falck is as close as Battlefield 2042 steps into a traditional medic role and joins Angel as the only other specialist capable of reviving anyone on the team. Being revived by Falck has the added benefit of returning players to full health immediately, though they don’t get bonus armor like that provided by Angel. Falck also carries a Syrette S21 pistol, which can be fired at other Battlefield 2042 players from afar to heal them. Holding the specialty button (left D-pad on Xbox / PlayStation, 3 on PC) will also allow Falck to inject himself the Syrette pistol, similar to Doc’s ability in Rainbow Six Siege.

Irish can support vehicles in Battlefield 2042

The Irish can establish defensible positions in 2042

Kimble “Irish” Graves, pictured in Battlefield by the late Michael K. Williams, is more versatile than it first appears. Its DC-2 deployable cover and APS-36 fire sentry are ideal for creating defensible positions or dropping cover while advancing, but it is especially useful for preventing destruction of vehicles. Equipping Irish with a repair tool will quickly return vehicles to usable condition, while a few APS-36s on the ground will prevent this latest rocket from impacting before repairs can be made.

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Battlefield 2042 may have replaced classes with specialists, but Irish illustrates that it is possible for players to keep some semblance of the old system. Previously Battlefield games, the Engineer class acted both as an anti-armor and as a support for vehicles, using explosives and repair tools to influence the mechanized elements of the game. The Irish can perform the same function in 2042, and ensure a team’s armor remains operational and in pristine condition throughout.

Mackay brings Titanfall’s grappling hook to Battlefield 2042

Mackay bets on mobility in 2042

His gadget and his special trait make Webster Mackay one of the most mobile specialists in Battlefield 2042. Grapples have been used with great success in Respawn’s Fall of the Titans and Apex Legends series, and Halo Infinite grappling hook has added increased verticality to its multiplayer. Mackay’s works much the same way, being pulled into a box and then retracting to pull the player. In addition to the grappling hook, Mackay moves faster while aiming the sights, making him a solid choice for players who prefer a run-and-gun playstyle.

Paik’s specialist ability spots enemies through walls

Paik is best for close areas in 2042

Ji-Soo Paik is a reconnaissance specialist like Casper, but excels at much shorter distances. Activating his EMG-X Scanner will allow him to see enemies circled in red, even through walls, up to a distance. Scanned enemies will also be spotted with the usual red dot for friends to see. Additionally, Paik’s passive trait detects any enemies that shoot him, making him a very dangerous melee specialist.

Rao can hack enemies and maps in Battlefield 2042

Rao can hack vehicles and infantry in Battlefield 2042

Technically specialist in reconnaissance, Navin Rao excels above all in the fight against enemy vehicles. His Cyber ​​Warfare Suite allows him to hack a variety of gadgets on the battlefield, including vehicles, drones, Rangers (Battlefield 2042robot dog) and environmental tools like bridge controls. Disabling helicopters can help open a window to lock an AA missile, as the helicopter’s flares will be momentarily turned off.

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Rao can hack enemy soldiers as well, and if they are killed while hacked, Rao’s Trojan network will detect other enemies nearby. This means he can form a lethal combination with Paik, as both Specialists can provide more information to their teammates than any other character in the game. Battlefield 2042. Rao’s hack tool can also perform defensive functions, activating barriers to delay enemy vehicles and infantry.

Sundance is the most mobile Battlefield 2042 specialist

The Sundance Wing Suit is perfect for getting behind enemy lines in 2042

At first glance, Emma “Sundance” Rosier and their combination seem to embody the idea of 2042 destroying the teamwork elements of the series, but their maneuverability can be very useful for a coordinated team. If a large building is easily accessible, putting an insert beacon in Sundance’s cargo will allow teammates to spawn behind enemy lines. Giving their weapon a suppressor makes this doubly effective, as shots won’t show up on enemies’ minimaps and others can get caught off guard. Sundance is also quite versatile with its smart explosives, as they come with three settings: Anti-Armor, EMP Field, and Scatter (basically a frag grenade).

Many are still not convinced by the idea of ​​Specialists, and they certainly contribute to 2042 not feeling exactly like before Battlefield games, but their abilities add a new layer of variety. Battlefield 2042 A long list of missing features is more detrimental, and we hope that much of that will be fixed in the coming weeks and months with various updates. In both cases, Battlefield 2042 is a new direction for the series, and the unique capabilities of its specialists provide opportunities for creative gaming solutions.

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Harry Styles wears Eternals’ pre-terrestrial clothes in BTS picture from Marvel movie

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