DVIDS – News – 88th RD Civilian Wins Civil Security Officer of the Year Honors

FORT McCOY, Wis. – Winning awards is not what motivates Brian Russell to do his job. As an Occupational Safety and Health Specialist with the 88th Readiness Division, he enjoys doing his job and ensuring the safety and well-being of soldiers, civilians and installations spread across the 19-state region. .

This satisfaction in doing his job well is part of what earned Russell the Department of the Army’s GS 07-12 Individual Award for Security Excellence for the U.S. Army Reserve and Force Command. Americans.

“I don’t do things with the rewards in mind,” Russell said. “I know in the civilian sector you might get a good job or a handshake, that’s not why I do those things. But to be recognized for efforts, I think that’s pretty cool. I am happy that the military and the [Department of Defense] is it that.”

To win the award, Russell was nominated by his supervisor, Michael Curtis, and was selected from among his peers.

“Mr. Russell is a highly educated security professional who continually strives to improve himself and our security office,” said Curtis, 88th RD Command Security Manager. members of the Readiness Division security staff, garrison security and other security professionals to develop better ways to improve not only the 88th RD program, but also the Reserve security program of the Army as a whole.”

Curtis cited a few specific examples of projects and accomplishments Russell completed during the qualifying period that helped him stand out from his peers. Specifically, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when most facilities and travel were closed, Russell developed a virtual security visit program that allowed 88th RD security personnel to continue to maintain an environment of safe work.

“If you look at what happened during COVID, I was looking for a problem to solve and that problem I was looking to solve was how we were going to do tours when we couldn’t be there in person,” Russell said. . . “When you’re not able to visit a client, the downward trend in their program is increased. I didn’t want people getting hurt on the job all of a sudden just because we weren’t able to get out there.

In addition to establishing a virtual security tour, Russell was instrumental in the support the 88th RD Security Office provided to Task Force McCoy during Operation Allies Welcome at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, from August 2021 to February 2022.

“I put Brian in charge of security operations for the task force and provided him with guidance throughout the process,” Curtis said. “He far exceeded my expectations. He formed a consolidated security team utilizing both 88th RD security personnel as well as members of the 181st Infantry Security Office, Garrison Security and Security Officers. additional duty safety of deployed units.He developed a hazard log for the task force to track hazards found throughout the operation, provided corrective action recommendations to the task force commander, and tracked hazards until they were corrected or effectively mitigated, consolidated safety lessons learned from the operation and provided them to the AAR for future operations.

With this award, Russell is now up for recognition at the Department of the Army level. But he attributes all the distinctions to the team of the 88th RD security office.

“We actually try to have a lot of dialogue about how we do business to realize that we could all have an individual approach, but the general theme of what we do is the same,” he said. declared. “The song we sing is the same.”

Date taken: 26.04.2022
Date posted: 26.04.2022 15:06
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