Battlefield 2042 specialists will not be removed but “reworked”, new “Hale” specialist surfaces

Not a fan of Battlefield 2042 Specialists? Hoping they will be removed in future patches? If you’re hoping for that, we have bad news for you. DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 specialists will remain in the game, but will be “reworked”.

On Twitter, DICE Game Designer Frederique Drabert confirmed it at the request of a fan:

For those who think DICE is just stubborn, no. Drabert explained that it’s not just about removing them and reinserting classes.

As you might expect, Specialists are part of the core BF2042 experience, and simply removing them will likely cause more problems than it solves.

Speaking of specialists, it looks like one of the ones DICE planned to be in the game (maybe at some point or in the future) has been datamined! Spotted by a reliable temporary Battlefield dataminer, check out “Hale”, who appears to be a drone specialist. There are two other specialist names discovered called “Liz” and “Crawford” but little information about them has been unearthed.

Here’s hoping DICE can somehow rework these specialists enough, that they’re as good as the classes were in previous Battlefield games.

Don’t forget that a new patch is due next week for BF2042, and it will contain over 400 fixes.

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