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Angelina Jolie’s red carpet look at ‘Eternals’ premiere goes viral after patchy hair extensions

Can you imagine a situation where a celebrity’s look fails when she walks the red carpet?

Well this was seen recently by none other than the popular American actress Angelina Jolie who suffered a hair extension malfunction as she graced the red carpet at the premiere of her latest movie, “Eternals” to Sunday October 24.

Well, the 46-year-old actress was in Rome to attend the premiere of the film along with her two daughters – Zahara (16) and Shiloh (15).

Angelina Jolie’s latest red carpet look at ‘Eternals’ premiere goes viral

The Oscar-winning actress was seen donning a stunning metallic mesh dress designed by Atelier Versace at the 16th Rome Film Festival on Sunday night. The actress must certainly have an impeccable hairstylist and a makeup team.

Nonetheless, Angelina Jolie had to go through an embarrassing situation as she failed with her patchy hair extensions as she walked the red carpet.

Well, we can’t deny the fact that the fans are the ones who praise it, and again, they’re the ones who don’t miss a single chance to pinpoint the look of a celebrity.

The same was the case with Angelina Jolie’s red carpet looks. Fans who were quick enough to identify her hair dysfunction took to social media and in no time her patchy hair extension failure went viral on the internet.

The actress’ long brown hair extensions couldn’t be ignored as they were just attached to her head.

Fans can’t take their eyes off her locks of hair which was totally patchy. They then posted their comments on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. As such, her looks have broken the internet ever since.

“How do you let Angelina Jolie walk on a red carpet with her hair extensions looking like this, someone getting fired,” one user wrote.

A user by the name of @CoolCatVicky posted, writing: “Who made Ms. Jolie so dirty with those hair extensions.”

“Her extensions literally look like a kid cut them for her,” another user wrote in an Instagram post. “I really wonder why everyone around her accepted this and let her walk the red carpet?” How many did she meet on the way to the first one who chose to remain silent? I’m crazy about her!

Well, we all know that hair extensions are used either to add length to existing hair or to make it denser. However, an important thing to note when using a hair extension is to make sure that it blends with existing hair to give a natural look.

But, Jolie has fallen victim to a style malfunction due to her patchy hair, and fans as you know won’t spare you for it!

Fans even called out the star’s haircare specialist. One user wrote: “Whoever did Angelina’s hair extensions must be a friend of Jennifer’s.”

Talk about the next movie Eternals, it’s a Marvel movie directed by Chloe Zhao. It features Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Gemma Chan, Kumal Nanjiani and Salma Hayek in addition to Angelina Jolie. The film is scheduled for release on November 5.

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